The mission of UCSF’s Department of Urology is to offer the highest quality urologic cancer care, innovative research programs, and an outstanding education for future leaders in the field.  This incredible breadth and depth is only possible with the generosity and advocacy of so many whose support and partnership are vital to our progress.  We vow to continue to work on behalf of all patients and deeply thank the following donors--among others--who help us keep this promise.


Honor Roll of Donors

July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015


Anonymous (3)
John B. Abbott
Judy A. Alioto
Fauzia Khan-Alsikafi and Nejd F. Alsikafi
American Cancer Society
Chris and William M. Anthony
Apple, Inc.
Macrene R. Alexiades-Armenakas and Noel A. Armenakas


Sandra E. and Albert J. Babich
Bertha Melgoza and Richard C. Baker
James R. Bancroft
Sila and D. N. Banerjee
Ruth and Korkut Bardakci
Marguerite and Ron Bartels
Joseph C. Barton
Laurence S. Baskin
Lynn and Patrick T. Beckley
Lauren and David Bellings
Lynne and Marc R. Benioff
Rebecca A. Follo and J. Thomas Bentley
Celine and David R. Berman
Richard A. Berry
Janet and William Bertolini
Gina A. and Reid U. Blake
Paula and Joel* Blank
Steven B. Brandes
Benjamin N. Breyer
Cynthia and Dale M. Brown
Irene M. and James R. Brown
Frank Bundt
Geraldine P. and Herman A. Bustamante


California Urology Foundation
Canary Foundation
The Cancer League, Inc.
Irving D. Caplan
Laura A. and Peter R. Carroll
Gerald N. Caudle
Lin and Dan Celoni
Mary L. and Frank L. Chance
Sue and Gene Chaput
Jeanne and Hugh Chatham, Jr.
Lori S. Warren and Ronald S. Chesney
Herbert H. Chew
Thomas Chi
Robert C. Christiansen
May and Archie Chung
Nadya M. Cinman
Ralph Cisneros
Joseph W. Cline
Jonathan L. Cohen
Celia and Paul Concus
Hillary L. Copp
Susan and Paul Copperman
Linda C. and Floyd E. Cotton
S. H. Cowell Foundation


Anita and Kevan Del Grande
Xiao-Hui Deng
Katherine F. and Eugene W. Denner
Adam W. Dieter
Amy Dieter
Michael J. Disandro
Raymond J. Donohue


Helen M. and Richard J. Elkus, Jr.
Meghan E. and Sean P. Elliott
Janet M. and Kenneth J. Enns
Bradley A. Erickson


Sharleen A. Ferree
Lisa W. and Gregory S. Finley
Odedlia M. Abeyta-Firpo and Raymond A. Firpo
Brenda K. and David A. Fitzpatrick
Kathleen A. and Sean Flynn
Cara and Gordon S. France
Joseph H. Franks
Vivienne C. Freeman
Harriet and John Friesen
Brigitte and Ronald C. Fuerstner


Penny and Gregory M. Gallo
Maurice M. Garcia
Louise W. and Mitchell D. Gately
Genentech Employee Giving Program
Stacie and James Gillespie
Cynthia and Evan Goldberg
Gerda and Roger M. Goldberg
Robin D. Goldstein
Reynaldo Gomez
Google, Inc.
Joann M. and Philip A. Grau
Kirsten L. Greene
Carol Groth
Carolyn and William R. Guerra


Linda and Karl W.* Haake
Patricia Hagey
Diane F. and Sheldon A. Halpern
Susan J. and William L. Hamblin
Richard D. Hanel
Debbie and Mike Harrison
Howard Hertz
Frank Hinman, Jr.*
Hitachi Aloka Medical America, Inc.
Joan Sarnat and David A. Hoffman
Dina Wolkoff and Galen Hoskin
John F. Hughes, Jr.
Eva Hung
Richard Hung


Robert G. Ingram


Terri and Ravinder Jain
Jamieson Foundation
Dan H. Jenkins
Martha S. and John M. Jonas
Karen and Tim Jost
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation


Cheryl Guyer and Martin W. Kahn
Hazel and Michael Kawaja
Mary P. and Edward V. Keith
Nicholas I. Kemsley
Florence and Art W. Kenney
Winifred and David S. Kershaw
Monib Khademi
Susan Bloch and Igor Y. Khandros
Elinor K. Kikugawa
John Kistler
Barbara J. and Herman J. Knuppe
Suma H. and Badrinath R. Konety
Robert J. Kreps


Claire J. and Thomas G. Lambach
Margaret LaPorta
Thomas G. Larson
Valerie and Nicolo Lenoci
The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Joan A. and Steven E. Levin
Peter R. LeVine
Don Listwin
Jennifer M. and Hanmin Liu
Su M. Kuo and Tom F. Lue
Melissa and Derrick B. Lyckberg


Craig R. Machado
Deborah J. and Peter A. Magowan
Charlene Mak
Lily and Paul Mak
Marin Prostate Cancer Support Group
Yvonne and Robert L. Marini
John S. Masterman
Renee and James D. Masterson
Vonell and Jim D. McAninch
James B. McGeady
Mary L. and John R. McGee, Sr.
Stephen T. McGowan
Shirley and William T. McGrath
Barbara Y. and Laureston H. McLellan
Maxwell Meng
Nancy M. and John G. Mengshol
Philip R. Messner
Michael J. Metro
Judith F. and Laurence L. Moon
Margaret and Frank Morrow
Fred W. Morrow
Deborah M. and Naser Mostaghel
Iris Murray
Jeremy B. Myers


Phyllis and Thomas C. Nagle
Viola M. Neill
Mary and Jeffrey J. Nelson
Carole S. and Roy A. Nickolai, Jr.


Susan and William E. Oberndorf
Andrea and David Oppenheimer
Julie Ormando


Joyce A. and Flavio F. Panigazzi
Jeanne C. and Harry C. Parham, Jr.
Victoria Paris
Pamela S. and Leonard M. Patterson, Jr.
Anne-Marie and Wylie S. Peterson
Roland Popp
Sima P. Porten
Bekeny Posta


Margaret N. and E. Victor Quattrin


Karin and William Rabin
Nadeem Rahman
Mary S. Reid
Lou and Hollings C. Renton
Retrophin, Inc.
William J. Riedstra
Richard A. Rigg
Patti and Chuck Robel
Toni Rembe and Arthur Rock
Patti Breitman and Stan R. Rosenfeld
Daniel Rosenstein
John C. Ross
Dina and Semyon Royzen
Sally and Michael G. Ruddy
William J. Rutter
Sue S. and Gerard M. Ruvo


San Francisco Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation
Richard A. Santucci
Mary Jane and Mark Sauve
Rosemary W. and A. Brooke Seawell
Dustin R. Seberger
Judith W. and Wylie R. Sheldon
Lindsey R. and Charles Shere
Donna Y. Deng and Andrew Shillabeer
Beni and Katsuto Shinohara
Donna D. and John C. Shoemaker
Cristine and Patrick Simmons
Dominique and Lonny Simonian
Barry W. Sirkus
Perfecto G. Sison
John Small
Amy G. and James F. Smith
John W. Smith
Stephanie and Leon I. Smith-Harrison
Izabella and Alexander Solodky
Harvey L. Sorensen and Maud C. Sorensen Foundation
Madeline J. and Isaac Stein
Christine M. and Daniel B. Steiner
Janet Andersen and Laurence C. Stickney
Helen M. Huang and Marshall L. Stoller
Cynthia Woods and Myron G. Sugarman


Sina Tamaddon
Mona and Emil A. Tanagho
Patricia L. Miles and Winston C. Tharp, Jr.
Judith K. and Robert L. Thein
Gail J. and Edward F. Thompson
George R. Thoresen
Barbara A. and Richard M. Toner
Debra and Kenneth Tuchman
Betty and Sam Tuchman


Virginia A. Dunn-Umphrey and Richard V. Umphrey
Margaret A. and Thomas Urquhart


J. Douglas Van Sant
Constance and Gasper N. Ventimiglia
Janice J. and Bernard J. Viggiano
Bryan Voelzke


Judy and Norm Waldner
Georgianna and Robert Waters
Bokgi Choi and Hunter Wessells
Joanna and W. Ken Whitaker
Christopher T. White
G. M. and Clifford K. White
Jonnie L. Wiehl
Donald Williams
Lanetta S. and Gary R. Wilsey
J. Miles H. Wilson
Shirley J. and Malcolm Wilson
Samuel Wilson
James Woidat
Tamara F. and Franklin K. Wong
Sudie A. and Gordon A. Worsham
Stephen A. Worsham


Jean Yamamoto
Elizabeth M. and Mun Yip
William B. Young


Zero-The End of Prostate Cancer