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Roan Lab


Our lab is interested in studying how cellular and soluble components of the tissue mucosa can influence reproductive health and susceptibility to viral infections.  


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Nadia Roan, PhD
Jason Neidleman
Karen Jang
Johanne Hovgaard Egedal
Guorui (Grace) Xie, PhD

Nargis Kohgadai


Postdoctoral fellows and graduate students who have experience in microbiology and/or immunology, and are interested in investigating how cellular components of the genital mucosa affect mucosal immunity, reproductive health, and susceptibility to HIV infection, are encouraged to apply for postdoctoral training in Roan Lab. Requirements include a PhD in molecular biology or related field. The successful candidate will join an interdisciplinary, highly interactive team of UCSF/Gladstone scientists who are committed to identifying novel approaches to the treatment and prevention of STDs. Applicants should send their CV and names of three references to:


Summer, 2017:  Roan lab research finds proteins linked to HIV transmission could actually be beneficial for reproduction.

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Winter, 2017: Dr. Roan's recent paper published in PLOS Pathogens demonstrated that one of the most abundant cells of mucosal tissues, stromal fibroblasts, potently increase the efficiency by which HIV infects their primary targets: helper T cells.

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Fall, 2016: We are excited to have received notice of award for NIH grant R01 "Elucidating the mechanism of progesterone-induced permissivity in the upper female reproductive tract"! 

Dr. Roan Lab Welcome

Welcome to the Roan Lab! We are interested in studying how cells and secretions of the mucosa, particularly the genital mucosa, can affect immunity, infection by HIV, and reproductive health in general. Our approaches include ex vivo tissue infection models, multi-parameter single-cell phenotyping (including both flow cytometry and mass cytometry), and global gene expression analysis. Our research is relevant for efforts to prevent HIV transmission and pathogenesis, and for efforts to obtain a better understanding of the molecular pathways in mucosal tissues that affect immunity and pathology.


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HIV & MucosaHIV & Mucosa

Susceptibility of Tissue Cells to HIVSusceptibility of Tissue Cells to HIV

Seminal Plasma FactorsSeminal Plasma Factors

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Nadia Roan, PhD
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