Resident mentor requirements:

• Initiate contact within one week of receiving mentee information

• Meet with mentee at least two times during the application cycle (Zoom, phone, socially distanced masked walk, etc.). 


Some examples of excellent mentorship:

• Answer any application questions that mentees may have (ERAS, AUA match, interviewing)

• Offer to reach out to your Urology connections across the country on mentee’s behalf based on their geographical areas and institutions of interest

• Offer to proofread personal statements and share your own

• Share insight from your sub-internships, since most mentees will not get the chance to do away rotations this year

• Practice interviewing over Zoom

• Share how you navigated the complicated process of choosing your rank list


If you are a current Urology resident interested in becoming a mentor please email Kirstie Cruz at [email protected]


Please keep the SAU-AUA match policy in mind as we approach match day: residents may not tell applicants how they will be ranked. See this link for more details:

SAU prohibits all communication with any member of a program (students/residents/faculty/admins) after the interview. In order to avoid any match violations, communication between residents and medical students must stop once a student has their first interview.

In order to align with these match rules, we recommend that mentors are proactive with advising earlier on in the application cycle.