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Photo page

Life in the UCSF Urology Residency Program!

Glammed up!2016 Chief residents, Melissa Sanford and Rachel Selekman, glammed up for a night on the town.


4th of July 2015R3s, Christi Butler and Kelly Walker, ready to celebrate the Fourth of July.


Hanging OutR3s, Kelly Walker and Natalia Leva, hanging out in the Bay Area.


I look like a surgeon!#ILOOKLIKEASURGEON – 2016 Chief resident, Melissa Sanford, Attendings Sima Porten, Catherine Harris, and UCSF medical student.


CohortsThe R4 cohorts - Ian Metzler, Bogdana Schmidt, and Adam Gadzinski


Worlds Greatest MomPast chief resident Lindsay Hampson shows off her "World's Greatest Resident Mom" mug with Mission Bay Oncology OR nurse Lauren Atchley and R6 Matt Truesdale.


Bay kayaking adventureR6 Matt Truesdale and R5 Selma Masic pose after braving the Bay on a kayaking adventure.


Saturday morning roundsR6 Matt Truesdale on Saturday morning rounds with Dr. McAninch.