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Submitted by UCSF Urology on January 25, 2013 at 1:13 pm
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UCSF Urology is delighted to welcome the new interns for July 1, 2013.  


Adam J. Gadzinski, University of Michigan Medical School

Gadzinski graduated summa cum laude from the University of Notre Dame and went on to the University of Michigan to complete his MD.  He realized his attraction to the field of urology after meeting Adam J. GadzinskiAdam J. Gadzinski Dr. Stuart Wolf at the University of Michigan.  “I was stunned,” Gadzinski recalls, “I had never met a group of people that were so enthusiastic, passionate, and enjoyable to work with.”  Among his assets, Gadzinski’s, mentor, assistant professor, David C. Miller, MD, MPH of the University of Michigan states Gadzinski “possess the entire suite of intellectual, interpersonal, and technical skills necessary to be an outstanding resident and urologist.”  Further, Miller states his certainty that Gadzinski will “make important contributions to our field in the future.” 



Bogdana Kovshilovskaya, MPH University of California, at San Francisco

Kovshilovskaya earned her MPH at UCLA and applied to UCSF for her medical degree.  She knew that urology was the right fit for her during her trauma surgery service here at UCSF when a patient, Bogdana Kovshilovskaya, MPH Bogdana Kovshilovskaya, MPH
with multiple gun shot wounds, was discovered to have a through-and-through to his left kidney.  The urology team was called in and proceeded to “masterfully reconstruct the bleeding and perforated organ,” recalls Kovshilovskaya, “I watched in awe, my open mouth fogging up my mask.”  It is this passion along with her clinical skills and dexterity demonstrated during her Sub-I clerkship here at UCSF that prompted clerkship director Donna Y. Deng, MD, MS and urology chair, Peter R, Carroll, MD, MPH to recommend her as an “outstanding” candidate.



Ian Metzler, Harvard Medical School

Metzler, hails from the University of Oregon and furthered his education at Harvard Medical School.  During his studies at Harvard, Metzler was introduced to global surgery, a field which Ian MetzlerIan Metzler seeks to bridge the surgical access gap between wealthy and poor countries.  To further pursue his interest, he grasped the opportunity to travel to Vietnam and Senegal to research health outcomes.  Here, he collected and analyzed data on surgical burden, capacity and outcomes in resource-constrained settings.  His work is praised by mentor Hiep T. Nguyen, MD who finds him to be “intelligent, meticulous and hard working.”  With his acceptance to UCSF, Metzler’s personal mission is clear, “better the lives of my patients both through direct clinical intervention and by advocating for universal access to the highest standards of conscientious care.” 

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