Welcome to the UCSF Department of Urology

The First 100 YearsThe UCSF Department of Urology is committed to offering the highest quality urologic care, innovative research programs, and an outstanding education for future leaders in the field. 
Patient Care and Information
Our program has internationally recognized expertise in the care of urologic cancers. We offer the most current diagnostic tools, surgical, radiation chemotherapy and hormonal treatments as required, and thorough follow-up to maximize quality of life after treatment.
UCSF is internationally known for its research in prostate and other urological cancers.
Our department offers comprehensive treatment for non-cancerous conditions of the urologic tract, ranging from kidney stones to erectile dysfunction to male and female urinary tract reconstruction.
UCSF researchers are investigating the causes and best treatments for conditions such as erectile dysfunction, incontinence, urinary stones, and kidney and genital trauma.
Our pediatric urologists are expert in treating patients from birth through young adulthood for a wide range of conditions. These range from surgical reconstruction of birth defects of the urinary tract to common problems such as urinary tract infections and incontinence.
Pediatric urologists at UCSF are working hard to expand our understanding of urological diseases of childhood.