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Pediatric Urology is #1 in Northern California



What separates us from other pediatric urology programs in the world?

Minimally invasive robotic, laparoscopic and endoscopic techniques

Our pediatric urologic team has extensive experience using minimally invasive robotic, laparoscopic and endoscopic techniques

Pyeloplasty repair of uretero-pelvic junction obstruction Ureteral ureterostomy
Partial nephrectomy Prostatic utricle excision
Nephrectomy Urinary tract calculi
Urachal cyst excision Ace Malone continence procedure
Ureteral reimplantation  


See robotic pyeloplasty video clips of identification and excision of a large octopus like obstructing ureteral polyp.

1. Opening ureter and identifying ureteral polyp


2. Defining the extent of the ureteral polyp


3. Endoscopic laser ablation of multifocal residual ureteral polyps


UCSF Pediatric Urology is a world leader in the treatment of hypospadias.

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Patient information for the Hypospadias

Center for Study and Treatment of Hypospadias.

Hypospadias Research 

What is Hypospadias?

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Hypospadias: Anatomy, Etiology and Treatment

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Treatment of Penile Curvature with and without Hypospadias

Nerve Sparing Dorsal Plication Technique

Link to movie penile curvature dorsal plication and onlay island flap hypospadias repair

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See my access for penile curvature video

Disorders of Sex Development

UCSF is leader in the treatment of Disorders of Sex Development

UCSF Pediatric Urology has a comprehensive program to treat disorders of sex development.  The multidisciplinary team is co-directed by Drs. Laurence Baskin from pediatric urology and Srinath Sanda from pediatric endocrinology.  The multidisciplinary team meets monthly and consist of faculty from pediatric urology, endocrinology, genetics, psychiatry, social work, and nursing.

UCSF pediatric urology has an extensive track record in state of the art research and publications related to disorders of sex development.

Cancer risk in patients with Disorders of Sex Development

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Restoring Normal Anatomy

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Guidelines for the Treatment of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

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