UCSF Urology's CAPRA-S Score Validated

Submitted by UCSF Urology on April 17, 2013 at 9:41 am
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The University of California, San Francisco, Cancer of the Prostate Risk Assessment Postsurgical (CAPRA-S) score is a new tool updating the widely used CAPRA score with information gained from radical prostatectomy. UCSF ResearchersThis novel instrument, developed by the Department of Urology at UCSF created CAPRA-S to predict prostate cancer recurrence and mortality.  Until now, it has not been validated externally.
This changed once UCSF Urology researchers, led by Sanoj Punnen, MD, Clinical Fellow, in conjunction with colleagues, used the Shared Equal Access Regional Cancer Hospital (SEARCH) database to comb through 2,670 records of men who underwent radical prostatectomy.  With biochemical recurrence as the main outcome, and mortality as a secondary outcome, Investigators used Kaplan-Meier analysis and the concordance index (c-index) to assess and compare CAPRA-S with an accepted postoperative nomogram. The results validated CAPRA-S as an effective prognostic tool that may aid in determining the need for adjuvant therapy.
Says lead investigator, Punnen, "The CAPRA-S score enhances the accuracy of the previous CAPRA score by using more precise pathological information gained from radical prostatectomy, and can help us identify patients post operatively who may benefit from adjuvant radiation." 
Adds Punnen "In addition to UCSF's leadership in the field of prostate cancer, the opportunity to collaborate with esteemed researchers who share this common goal makes UCSF such an exciting place to work." 
The paper will appear in European Urology and was released today in PubMed ahead of print.