Join Septembeard and TEAM UCSF!

Submitted by UCSF Urology on August 20, 2013 at 1:28 pm
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Our TEAM UCSF is growing and, so can you! is a clever non-profit, founded by patient Art Wagner,Art Wagner, Founder SeptembeardArt Wagner, Founder, Septembeard
which raises funds for prostate cancer research by asking volunteers to grow beards during September, Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

 In 2012, UCSF received  $55,000 from Septembeard to advance important research in prostate cancer thanks to generous donors who sponsored beards all over the country.  Dr. Carroll views research as key, "The robust, innovative urology research programs here at UCSF are focused on ways to prevent and better treat all stages of prostate cancer. It’s critical that these programs maintain their momentum so our cancer center can uphold its mission to be pioneers in interdisciplinary cancer research and its translation into improved prevention, detection, and treatment.”

This year’s TEAM UCSF is ready for business.  Staff, colleagues and patients are encouraged to be a part of the team.  You’ll get a “Join Me and Team UCSF” button, and we’ll have a celebration for the biggest fundraisers.

Michael Glover, Practice Manager for UCSF Medical Center and a team leader, notes,“The camaraderie is infectious.”  Or, as new member, Kyle Kuchinsky puts it, “Join us, it grows on you!”

To join, or to ask questions, please contact Kathleen Jose [email protected]  


To donate, see the Web site