Erica Martinez Joins Pediatric Urology

Submitted by UCSF Urology on December 3, 2013 at 2:42 pm
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Erica Martinez recently joined UCSF Department of Urology as practice assistant to Laurence S. Baskin, Professor of Urology, and Chief of the Pediatric Urology Program.  As practice assistant, Martinez handles the busy clinic and surgery schedules for Dr. Baskin.Erica MartinezErica Martinez

 Her drive and enthusiasm has expanded her responsibilities beyond the already challenging calendar maintenance.  Her additional role includes that of patient care coordinator for the Pediatric Urology Parent (PUPs) seminars.

 “Erica changed her work schedule so she could attend these evening seminars with our worried parents because she wanted “our patients to know I am there for them,” says Christy Carley, CN III, Urology Faculty Practice Nurse Manager. “She¹s worked tirelessly to enhance our patients’ experience and improve access to our pediatric clinics.”

The monthly PUPS seminars are taught by experienced Pediatric Nurse Practitioners to help educate our patients and their families on successful management of many urologic issues for children.  See here for more details 

 “Our patients' families’ love knowing that they are able to meet the same person they just spoke to on the phone,” adds Carley.

 Additionally, Martinez is also fluent in Spanish, which, she says, “really comes in handy.”  She believes it particularly helps this parent population “feel more confident and cared for.”

 Although patient satisfaction surveys show high results from parents who attended these seminars, Martinez has set the bar higher, “I often find myself thinking of ways to improve.  I am very passionate and enthusiastic to help others and welcome new challenges.”


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