Cynthia Mak Wins 2014 Excellence in Ambulatory Nursing Award

Submitted by UCSF Urology on June 2, 2014 at 10:51 am
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Urology’s Cynthia (Cindy) Mak, RN (CNIII), ambulatory nurse for over 14 years, won the prestigious Excellence in Ambulatory Nursing Award for 2014.  The award recognizes a nurse clinician who embodies the UCSF Mission of Caring, Healing, Teaching, and Discovering.  Specifically, the honoree demonstrates insight and compassion to help families and patients overcome the extraordinary problems they face in the ambulatory setting while serving as a role model to others.

Cynthia Mak receiving bouquet of flowers

As documented by co-workers, Cindy Mak is that and more.

Mak, who supports the patients of Dr. Peter Carroll, Chair of the Department of Urology, won this award among hundreds of other ambulatory nurses from all UCSF campuses.  She did so after receiving grateful praise from a breadth of fellow clinicians during the nomination process.

Cynthia Mak receiving accolades

Following are excerpts:

Cindy is kind, caring, and compassionate with our patients.  She always takes time to communicate clearly and thoughtfully to everyone she interacts with.  This makes her not only an excellent teacher to our patients regarding complex Urology issues patients are learning to live with, but also a great resource and educator for other nurses learning to work in her clinical area.
Janet Sabatino RN, Nurse Manager

Cindy is an excellent choice to nominate!!  She is a compassionate nurse, who truly takes the time to address her patients’ needs.  She is always willing to lend a helping hand when I have questions or need assistance.  She is constantly encouraging me and giving me feedback to help me build my nursing skills and be the best nurse I can be.  I look up to her, and she is role model to me, as I move forward in my nursing career here at UCSF.
Jasmine Meidinger, LVN 

Cindy is a great person to work with.  She is caring, nurturing, professional, and willing to take her time with both her patients and fellow workers.  She pays close attention to detail and likes to make sure she does not leave any questions unanswered.
Dolores Madrigal, Hospital Assistant Supervisor

Cindy Mak really deserves this recognition.  She really is a wonderful nurse, very compassionate with our patients.  You can always rely on her; she will always have the time to listen and help you.  She is very calm.  I haven’t seen her mad or raise her voice.  She’s a really good role model to all of us, especially in showing good “Patient Care.”  She’s an asset…not only us, but patients love her.  Two thumbs up!!
Jiem Manaois, Practice Assistant supporting Dr. Carroll

I think what makes Cindy so special is she really gets to know all of her patients.  She is not only there to do a procedure for the patient, but she provides great patient care services.  She is patient, knowledgeable of her job, and always does what is best for the patient.
Reuben Au Yeung, Interim Practice Manager

Cindy is an amazing human being…She is the rock of our practice - -ever smiling and always reliable in the midst of chaos.  

Cindy has a very calming demeanor that puts patients and their families at ease when they first meet her.  She gives them the sense that they are in the right place and all their needs / concerns will be addressed.  She has a nursing background that spans many specialties, and uses these skills to the nth degree when she is caring for our patients.  She is an excellent patient educator and makes sure that the patients and their families understand what is needed to enhance self-care."
Nannette Perez, NP

Cindy’s demeanor upon entering a patient exam room immediately puts the patients at ease.  Her smile, her laugh, her gentle touch, and her broad knowledge base lets patients know very quickly that they are in her capable hands.  She really goes above and beyond to make the patients feel like people and not just a procedure.  She has an extremely calming manner, which is invaluable with patients undergoing invasive procedures, such as prostate biopsies.  Patients seem to look to Cindy as much as they do Nannette Perez, NP, or Dr. Peter Carroll; they have that much trust in her.  Cindy is definitely the “face of Uro Surgery” and UCSF is extremely well-represented by her.
Michael Shields, RN

Cindy Mak is an incredibly knowledgeable RN.  She has been my guru and mentor in Uro Surgery since I started here.  She holds down the busiest desk in the Uro Surg clinic, yet always has the time to help out a coworker in need.  Patients love her too.  Whenever Cindy is away and I cover her, the patients always ask about her wellbeing and say how much she is appreciated by them and how helpful she has been to them… She has helped me more times, than I can remember and helped make me a much better RN.  I adore Cindy Mak and think she deserves this award for her hard work and dedication.
Brandee Arro, RN

I have been working with Cindy for almost 14 years.  They are many, many instances over the years when I desperately needed help with patients, and I could always count on Cindy to help me.  She is more than just a colleague, she is a friend who genuinely cares and is a role model for me.  She is a team player, and working with Cindy, I have always felt supported.  The days when we had limited coverage, Cindy was always willing to help out to take care of our patients even when she had a full schedule herself.  She is also a great teacher and her guidance over the years and her willingness to share new information and resources is so appreciated.  She has a calm manner about her and she is very respectful and conscientious towards both colleagues and patients alike.
Selvi Johnson, senior LVN

Cynthia Mak's co-workers

The award was given during a ceremony at Mt Zion amongst her cheering colleagues, donning cut-out masks of her face and chanting her name.

Cynthia Mak's co-workers

Says Dr. Carroll, “Cindy is a wonderful colleague—compassionate, committed, and always available.  She gets the highest number of positive comments of all members of the health care team.  She is the glue that binds us all.  I could not do what I do without her.”

Cynthia Mak and Dr. Peter Carroll


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