Two Urology R5 Residents Receive GME Award for Excellence and Innovation

Submitted by UCSF Urology on June 25, 2014 at 12:43 pm
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Drs. Anobel Odisho and Lindsay Hampson
Two newly appointed UCSF Urology Chief Residents, Drs. Lindsay Hampson and Anobel Odisho, were recognized by UCSF’s Graduate Medical Eduation (GME) office, receiving this year’s Excellence and Innovation in GME award. During their residency, the two have helped the Department take exceptional steps forward in delivering higher quality and cost effective care. Hampson and Odisho’s work over the last year has focused on the Urology Department’s efforts at improving smoking cessation rates in patients undergoing surgery as well as efforts to understand variation in cost and materials utilization for patients undergoing urologic procedures.

Hampson and Odisho led the Urology Resident and Fellow QI Incentive Program, setting a goal to achieve 80% smoking screening for patients admitted to the Urology inpatient service after surgery. The Urology residents and inpatient nurse practitioners were able to screen 88% of patients overall, and arranged smoking cessation consultation for 82% of smokers. Smokers who did receive a consult were significantly more likely to leave the hospital on nicotine-replacement therapy. This is particularly significant since prior to this year, none of these patients were receiving routine screening or smoking cessation interventions. This involved a broad effort to gain buy-in and assistance from relevant stakeholders, including the smoking cessation counselors and respiratory therapy teams.

These two exceptional residents then took on a much larger challenge – addressing cost variation among attending surgeons in their department. Drs. Hampson and Odisho recognized the importance of understanding variation in practice to address both cost and quality.  They obtained cost data for common urologic procedures and, after identifying areas of high cost variation, shared results with faculty in their department. They have demonstrated diplomacy, maturity, and leadership as they have presented this data and approached practice change within the Department.

Drs. Hampson and Odisho have also become leaders within the larger UCSF community.  At the monthly Chief Resident Dinners, they have shared their experiences, capturing the attention of others at the table, including our Chief Executive Officer, Mark Laret. They are now beginning to disseminate their work both on the smoking cessation incentive goal and the surgical case cost variation. Their results have been presented locally at the Northern California Urology Resident Seminar and the UCSF CTSI Resident Research Symposium, as well as nationally at the AAMC Integrating Quality Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL and the AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting in San Diego, CA. 

Says Robert Baron, MD, Associate Dean, GME, “In this era of increased attention to cost, quality, and value, we rely on both leaders and front-line providers. These exceptional physicians have managed to each fill both roles simultaneously.” 

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