People on the Move – Update from Mount Zion

Submitted by UCSF Urology on August 11, 2014 at 2:12 pm
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Welcome Katherine Jung

Katherine Jung Katherine Jung Katherine joins us from the Department of Surgery where she was Education Program Analyst bringing with her a wealth of information to tackle the newly formed position of Director for Educational Programs.  “It’s an amazing opportunity for professional and personal development,” says Katherine, “In addition I’m working for an awesome program director and applying the skills and knowledge from my background and schooling in creating change and innovation to the Urology residency and fellowship programs.” Her full responsibilities will include oversight of the department’s graduate medical education programs, including the development of program policies and procedures consistent with the policies and procedures of UCSF as an institution and the requirements of the ACGME and the Urology Residency Review Committee; compliance with accreditation requirements; coordination of internal and external program reviews. Her BA in Psychology from UC Irvine should prove a valuable asset.



Imelda Tenggara rises to top ranks

Imelda Tenggara Imelda Tenggara Imelda’s impressive promotion to MSP level establishes her as Director of Research Resources and one of the highest-ranked lead Clinical Research Coordinators at UCSF.  In addition to supervising a team of 7 FTE she also oversees the multifarious task of locating and organizing the transfer of de-identified tissue specimens to research collaborators.  As if this is not enough, she is Project Director for the newly won Department of Defense Transformative Impact Award, a grant of nearly $10 million dollars where she coordinates efforts of PIs and administrators with a goal “to overhaul through precision medicine the clinical management of prostate cancer.”  Says Imelda, “I love the feeling of starting my work day with a purpose; with a mission of trying to do something great for our patients in my small way. The Urology Department is the perfect place for me to work, surrounded with brilliant people, scientists, and doctors who overflow with energy, optimism and curiosity.”  



Winner of the coveted Société Internationale d'Urologie (SIU) scholarship, Ahmed Hussein, MD

Ahmed Hussein, MD Ahmed Hussein, MD Imagine Ahmed’s surprise when his phone rang at 6am and, on the line was the famous Urology author, Emil Tanagho, MD announcing that Ahmed was the top candidate for the SIU scholarship.  “I started screaming and woke everyone up,” says Ahmed, Assistant Lecturer at Cairo University, Egypt. This collaborative program sponsored by UCSF and the Société Internationale d'Urologie, sends one African physician to UCSF each year.   Dr. Carroll is serving as his mentor for this one year Postdoctoral research project.  His focus is on data analysis for the Sling Study. “It’s a great opportunity to learn from and work with the ‘experts.’  UCSF is one of the top institutes all over the world. UCSF offers the ideal environment for patients to receive the most appropriate care as well as for practitioners to work, collaborate and innovate. I am looking forward to expanding my research and clinical expertise during my time here."



Sam Chadwick, tackles clinical research associate position

Sam ChadwickSam Chadwick Sam was no stranger to the Department of Urology. His first position after graduating from UC Davis with a BS in Neurobiology, was with the Blelloch Lab as a junior specialist.  Although fascinating, he wanted to work with patients.  Says Sam, “I have been working at my new position for about 6 months now, and everyone in the office is very helpful and understanding, as well as proud to be on our Uro/Surg clinical research team. Since I have started working, I have already met most of the 205 patients in the UCSF branch of the Prostate Active Surveillance Study. Meeting new and old study participants and guiding them throughout the study is the part of this job I enjoy the most, simply because many of these patients have a lot of wisdom to share to someone who is just starting to figure out life in the working world.”



Niloufar Ameli brings statistical wisdom

Niloufar Ameli Niloufar Ameli The department is thrilled to welcome Niloufar Ameli as the new Principal Statistician for the Department of Urology.  In addition insight and enthusiasm, Nilou brings an impressive background.  She holds a Master of Science degree in Statistics from UC Santa Barbara.  A veteran researcher, Niloufar has worked at UCSF and Stanford University conducting research and performing statistical analysis on clinical, epidemiological, and genetic data. 

Says Nilou, “I am very excited about joining the great team of scientists and clinicians in the Department of Urology and look forward to contributing to important research studies to improve public health and cancer outcomes.”



Shoujun Zhao takes on Urology statistics

Shoujun Zhao Shoujun Zhao Shoujun Zhao, Specialist for Biostatistics, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the department. He graduated from Shanxi Medical College in 1982, completed a Master’s in biostatistics in 1986, and earned his PhD in epidemiology from Shanghai Medical University in 1993. Since joining UCSF in 1997, Shoujun has been working as a biostatistics specialist focusing on data quality control, large-scale medical data management, and analysis.





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