Matthew Cooperberg, MD, MPH Receives Marin Prostate Cancer Information and Support Group 2016 Physician Award

Submitted by Stan Rosenfeld on March 1, 2017 at 11:00 am
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Dr. Cooperberg received the Marin Prostate Cancer Information and Support Group 2016 physician award at their Stan Rosenfeld awarding Dr. CooperbergFebruary 2017 meeting.  The following was written by Stan Rosenfeld, support group leader and well-known advocate.


Most people needing surgery look for the best surgical skill in a doctor, but often have to compromise when it comes to “bedside manner”.  No compromise is necessary with Dr. Matt Cooperberg.

So many men in our support group report how much time Dr. Cooperberg is willing to spend with them, answering all their questions, and making sure they understand their options.

-        Dr. Cooperberg is a kind, sympathetic, compassionate, and caring doctor

-        Dr. Cooperberg knows that sometimes surgery is not the best option. Despite being a surgeon, Dr. Cooperberg refers many men to other management options if they are more appropriate

-        Dr. Cooperberg is a key player in the national movement to recognize that many men don’t need immediate treatment, or any treatment at all. He has been contributing to a major effort to incorporate Active Surveillance in the toolkit of  all urologists.  He has won the wide admiration of patients with his stand against the USPSTF “D” recommendation for the PSA test.  He advocates for the smart use of the PSA test (along with other tests) to reduce overtreatment, while treating those men who need to be treated

-        Dr. Cooperberg is one outstanding physician!

-        Dr. Cooperberg keeps up on all the leading-edge technologies and techniques, and makes sure that his patients are aware of the most current in treatment, exercise and diet

It is one thing, and wonderful, when a doctor receives recognition from his colleagues. But when his patients also acknowledge and honor him you know that he is an extraordinary person!


The Marin Prostate Cancer Information and Support Group is delighted to award Dr. Matthew R. Cooperberg our 2016 physician award In Recognition for His Invaluable Contributions to the Prostate Cancer Community.