Reuben Au Yeung, Recognized by The Marin Prostate Cancer Information and Support Group

Submitted by UCSF Urology on November 13, 2019 at 11:15 am
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The Marin Prostate Cancer Information and Photo credit Chris MorrisonPhoto credit Chris Morrison Support Group recognized UCSF’s Reuben Au Yeung for his work as administrative director of the urologic oncology clinic for their 2019 annual award.  It was presented by Stan Rosenfeld, the group’s leader who said the award was, “well deserved recognition for his invaluable contributions to the prostate cancer community”

Following are comments from the community:

~Reuben Au Yeung, Practice Manager, UCSF Urologic Surgery Oncology... what a joy to work with him!

~Reuben is the leader, of, and has the responsibility for, all the staff in Surgical Oncology. That is one important job!

~Reuben is as concerned about the well-being of patients as anyone possibly could be. No one I know listens as well to suggestions about how to make the patient experience better than Reuben.

~Reuben attends every UCSF Patient Services Committee meeting, accepting ideas for improvement, and reporting on the progress he has made on previous suggestions, as well as self-initiated improvements.

~Just one example: We all recognized that not knowing when a physician was running late was a problem for patients.. So, Reuben took care of that, and now their status is posted for all to see.

~Reuben has come to our support group meetings to get input, and to see what we are all about.

~Reuben has been called on for scheduling and communications help from many patients and has always helped them solve their problems.

“I am extremely honored by this award,”  says Au Yeung,  “I appreciate Stan, our patient advocates, my staff, and our providers for the support and guidance on being a better person for our community.  I really believe in order for change to move in the right direction, we need to listen to our patients’ feedback and learn how we can improve upon their experiences and future encounters.”

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