Dr. Copp et al Uncover Lapse in Instructions for Proper Disposal of Leftover Medications

Submitted by UCSF Urology on January 10, 2020 at 9:33 am
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In a recent article in Annals of Internal Medication, UCSF Urology’s Hillary Copp, MD, MS et al, Dr Hillary Copprevealed that fewer than half of California pharmacies provided disposal instructions to patients, particularly pertinent to antibiotics and opioids.

The paper received attention from news sources such as KQED and UCSF.org among others. 

“Dr. Copp and her team have uncovered key areas for increased oversight in disseminating proper drug disposal information,” says Raj S. Pruthi, MD, MHA, FACS, Professor, Department of Urology. “Her recommendation for pharmacies to take one lead role is excellent and should be supported by large chain and independent pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies, and advocates."