AUA recognizes Dr. Lindsay Hampson as Young Urologist of the Year

Submitted by UCSF Urology on March 11, 2021 at 8:45 am
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This year Dr. Hampson, Assistant Professor of Urology and Associate Program Director for the UCSF Urology Residency Program has been recognized as Young Urologist of the Year by the American Urological Association.  This award is presented to select AUA Members nominated by their Section who have been in practice for less than 10 years and celebrates their efforts and commitment to advancing the development of fellow early-career urologists.  

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener” Robert Frost

Among the many hats Dr. Hampson wears throughout the day, her commitment and dedication to strong mentorship is proven time and time again. In 2019, she received the UCSF Department of Urology Peter R. Carroll Mentorship Award for her mentorship of urology residents, and in 2018 the UCSF Explore Mentor Award, which recognizes medical student mentors that nurture leaders, innovators, advocates and researchers at UCSF.  Michael Sadighian, Medical Student and one of Dr. Hampson’s mentees describes his experience with her as his mentor, “There was never a sense that Dr. Hampson was the boss of me, but instead Dr. Hampson made me feel like I was working with her, as a collaborator, and this motivated me to work hard in between our meetings so I could demonstrate to Dr. Hampson that I am capable of mobilizing the new skills and knowledge that she teaches me.” and “…she prioritizes my own professional development and thus allows me to take ownership of significant aspects of her research projects”.

“Dr. Hampson exemplifies what it means to be a Young Urologist of the Year.  Her passion and dedication to develop educational programs and mentor urologists is without question.  This recognition is well deserved.” Dr. Raj S. Pruthi, Professor of the UCSF Dept of Urology

As the Associate Program Director for the UCSF Urology Residency Program she dedicates her time and energy to the education and advancement of the residents. In early 2020, she developed the UrologyCOViD lecture series, which was borne out of a need to enhance resident education in the face of decreasing clinical education because of the COVID outbreak. Residents were suddenly faced with very low volume clinical activity due to COVID shut-downs, and there was a need to supplement their education during this time period. The residents approached her about potentially creating a virtual didactics seminar, and within a week she had launched UrologyCOViD (Urology Collaborative Online Virtual Didactics). Bringing together faculty from across the country, this program became an overnight success with widespread national, and even international, viewership and participation. Since then, the #UrologyCOViD project has continued and evolved under her guidance, improving access to urology didactic education and evolving the concept of didactic education in urology. 

"Dr. Hampson's dedication to trainee development, mentorship, and education is unparalleled. She is consistently the hardest working member of the team and always somehow maintains a calm, constructive, and level demeanor. She is beloved by all her trainees and consistently shows the utmost commitment to her patients, trainees, and colleagues alike. Her exemplary leadership and integrity lend her a unique ability to effortlessly inspire everyone around her to be a better physician and better person." Dr. Max Bowman, UCSF Urology Resident

"Dr. Hampson is one of the most effective and generous mentors I have had the fortune to work with. She holds both herself and her trainees to the highest standard and is a model of proactive efficiency and kindness in both clinical and collegial interactions. Dr. Hampson teaches us not only how to quickly identify the root of the problem at hand, but also how to leap into action thoughtfully, pragmatically, and definitively." Dr. Maya Overland, UCSF Urology Resident

"One of the best things about having Dr. Hampson as a mentor is her thoughtfulness. Whether she is giving life advice, answering clinical questions, or teaching surgical technique, her guidance is always detailed, nuanced, and clear. She very clearly cares about her patients and her trainees, and as a result she is universally beloved by her residents. We are so proud of her for all her achievements so far." Dr. Yi Li, UCSF Chief Urology Resident

"Dr. Hampson has been a very strong advocate for increasing diverse representation in urology, by volunteering for and serving as one of the faculty co-mentors for the UCSF UReTER Mentorship Program. Without her support and leadership, we would not have been able to expand the program nationally to provide mentorship for underrepresented medical students across the country annually! I am so grateful to have her as faculty and as a resident advocate." Dr. Micha Y-Z Cheng, UCSF Urology Resident

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