Dr. Christi Butler, Class of 2023 John A. Watson Faculty Scholar!

Submitted by UCSF Urology on June 16, 2023 at 9:05 am
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Christi Butler, MDUCSF School of Medicine announced Dr. Butler, Assistant Professor of Urology as one of nine honored as a John A. Watson Faculty Scholar and recipient of the Dean’s Diversity Fund. The award named after former UCSF faculty, Professor John A Watson, a scientist, mentor and pioneer of diversity, who catapulted the number of women and minority students in the medical school in the 1970’s.

The Dean’s Diversity Fund is a 3 year, $75,000 per year grant to support and develop the recipient’s academic interests and contributions to the community. Recipients of this award are chosen because of their dedication and commitment to diversity and the action they have taken to care for underserved and vulnerable populations.

Dr. Butler completed her residency with the UCSF Dept of Urology in 2020 then completed her fellowship in Transgender Reconstruction at Oregon health and Sciences University in 2021. Fall of 2021, She joined the UCSF Dept of Urology faculty specializing in urinary system reconstruction with a focus on gender-affirming care. Dr. Butler’s research interests lie in clinical outcomes research for transgender and gender diverse individuals. Specifically, she is interested in motivations for seeking surgery and techniques impacting aesthetic and functional outcomes.

"I'm honored to be named among so many great faculty members with this award. I look forward to furthering trans-related research and contributing to the field."  says Dr. Butler.

2023 Watson Scholars


Congratulations to all the 2023 Class of John A. Watson Faculty Scholars!

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