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RADICAL PROSTATECTOMY - Surgery to remove the entire prostate gland to treat prostate cancer. Also just called prostatectomy.

RADIOFREQUENCY ABLATION - Heating the tissue to kill cancer cells.

RANDOMIZED CLINICAL TRIAL - A clinical trial in which two therapies are tested. Patients are randomly assigned to one treatment or another. Efforts are made to ensure the balance of important clinical factors between the two groups.

RECEIVER OPERATING CHARACTERISTIC CURVES (ROC CURVES) - Simultaneous comparison of sensitivity and specificity.

RECEPTOR - A specific molecule on the surface of or within the cell that recognizes and binds with other specific molecules.

RECTUM - The last six inches of the large intestine ending at the anus, which leads to the outside of the body.

RECURRENCE - A return of the cancer following the completion of treatment.

REMISSION - Disappearance of the signs and symptoms of cancer, either temporarily or permanently.

RENAL CELL CARCINOMA - Suspected kidney cancer.

RISK - Refers to the likelihood of a person developing a certain disease, or an estimation of the probable success or failure of the treatment for that disease.