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UCSF Pediatric Urology has a comprehensive program on the care of patients with complex urogenital anomalies such as urogenital sinus anomalies, cloacal anomalies and bladder exstrophy,  The medical director is  Dr. Laurence Baskin, pediatric urologist with co-directors Hillary Copp from pediatric urology and Drs. Sunghoon Kim and Lan Vu from Pediatric Surgery. 

Comprehensive nurse practitioner care is provided for urologic needs such as urodynamics and facilitating teaching and maintenance of clean intermittent catheterization as well as ostomy care.  Access to endocrinology expertise is available at both sites.  Expert support is provided from radiology and anesthesia for imaging procedures including 3D imaging for complex cloaca and urogenital sinus anomalies and complex surgical procedures including orthopedic and orthotics when necessary.  Patients of all ages are accommodated including transitional patients who need continued care after 21 years of age.  

The program is complemented with an active developmental basic science laboratory with expertise in genito-urinary development.