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UCSF Patient Advocates welcome you to the Urology Website.

Stan Rosenfeld leads the Urology Patient Services Committee and has been a long time patient advocate for UCSF.  He also leads the Marin County Prostate Cancer Support group and is a volunteer for UCSF's Prostate Cancer Peer Support.
See or call 415.885.7210.  For more information about Peer-to-Peer see this video on YouTube.  


Stan RosenfeldThe UCSF Prostate Advocates formally began working with UCSF in 1998.

The Advocates come from diverse backgrounds and most are current or former UCSF patients.  Over the years the Advocates have been involved in patient services, developing patient information documents, helping ensure that there was adequate research that could be used with patients in the near term, and fund raising.

Currently, most of the Advocates’ work is directed towards helping patients get through their cancer diagnosis with a minimum of distress. We do this in several ways.  We have a Patient Services Committee that meets to discuss how the patient experience can be enhanced through better phone, email, and other communications between the hospital staff and the patient. We produce patient reading material to help you understand the various treatment options and how to choose among them. And we support various other UCSF patient services including the Cancer Resource Center, Peer-to-Peer support program and various nutritional and exercise classes and programs.

Stan also runs the Marin County Prostate Cancer Support Group.  Click here to watch this award winning short called "Prostate Blues." Should you wish to reach Stan directly, please call 415/459-4668.