Resources for Healthy Living

Our research team is dedicated to helping people who have been diagnosed with cancer live healthier​, longer lives. We lead studies on modifiable factors, like diet and exercise, to identify what practices may improve quality of life or clinical outcomes. Below are ​evidence-based resources that we have developed for patients and the general public.

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For more information, see our Research on Health Behaviors and Cancer Studies with Open Enrollment.

Being active is one of the most important things you can do for your overall wellbeing. The resources below include evidence-based recommendations from our team and an exercise planning worksheet to help you get started, and maintain, a regular exercise routine!

Health and Wellness Living with Prostate Cancer: Exercise Recommendations

Exercise is associated with lower risk of death from prostate cancer. See our recommendations and tools to stay active.


SMART image
SMART Goals and Weekly Exercise Planning Worksheet

Set SMART goals, plan for exercise, and evaluate your progress.


Food choices impact our overall health and may affect cancer risk and survival. The resources below provide evidence-based recommendations and tips from our team for eating well.

Health and Wellness: Living with Prostate Cancer Part 2: Diet Recommendations
Health and Wellness Living with Prostate Cancer Part 2: Diet Recommendations

Our team’s dietary recommendations for men with prostate cancer.


Food Guides for Prostate Health

See our suggestions for selecting and preparing prostate-healthy foods.


Healthy Convenience Items at Most Grocery Stores

See our list of healthy options that require minimal food prep.


Healthy Eating Tips for All

Healthy items at the grocery store and daily and weekly eating tips.


Maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise can be challenging, especially during treatment. The resources below provide additional tips and recommendations for eating well and exercising during and after cancer therapy. Our team is working on resources for other cancer treatments. Check back soon!

Health and Wellness: What you can do while receiving radiation treatment for prostate cancer

Learn what you can do to combat fatigue and other side effects of radiation.


Our mental wellbeing is equally important to our physical wellbeing when facing a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. The resources below include tips for finding support and maintaining your wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Managing Fatigue with Diet and Exercise

See our tips to optimize energy.


Managing Insomnia

See our strategies for healthy sleep.


Find Support

Learn what clinicians think about lifestyle and cancer; read patient stories; and information about support groups, online resources, and other cancer networks.


Quitting Smoking

Access tips and resources to help you quit smoking.


Health and Wellness: Diet, exercise, and mindfulness during COVID-19

Tips to take care of yourself through physical activity, healthy eating, mindful living, and managing stress.


Health and Wellness Living with Prostate Cancer: Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations

Our first publication (2015) on lifestyle recommendations for men with prostate cancer, including exercise, diet, weight, and medication use.