Matthew R. Cooperberg, MD, MPH, speaks about Early Prostate Cancer for The UCSF Osher Mini Medical School

Submitted by UCSF Urology on June 25, 2014 at 1:32 pm
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July 22nd 2014 between 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. in the Nursing School Building, Room N-225, 513 Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco.

Early Prostate Cancer

Matthew R. Cooperberg, MD, MPHMatthew R. Cooperberg, MD, MPH
Matthew R. Cooperberg, MD, MPH
, Associate Professor of Urology; Epidemiology & Biostatistics Helen Diller Family Chair speaks on Early Prostate Cancer for The UCSF Osher Mini Medical School in the last part of the The Ins and Outs of Genitourinary Cancer course.

As the title of this course illustrates, clinical practice informs basic science research, and that research in turn informs clinical practice. The field of oncology is an excellent example of this – discoveries in molecular biology and genetics have revolutionized clinical care for patients with cancer. New genomic technologies are allowing us to understand molecular changes that underlie cancer development, with the promise of more specific diagnoses and individualized treatment options. In this course, genitourinary cancers will be discussed with an emphasis on how research and advances in technologies are impacting clinical care of cancer in the urinary tract and male genital tract.

The UCSF Osher Mini Medical School is designed to provide members of the community the opportunity to see and hear what goes on every day in UCSF’s classrooms and research labs with lectures from the same faculty who are on the front lines, teaching students in the health professions. Mini Med addresses the accelerating public interest in the scientific knowledge behind the health headlines, the role of the consumer in health care decision making, and each citizen’s role in participating in the shaping of health policy.

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