Study Proposals and Working with Data

UCSF investigators may apply to use research data from the UCSF Department of Urology.



Investigators must follow several guidelines for working with urology data

Review and Approval Process 

Requests are reviewed monthly by Peter Carroll, MD, MPH and other faculty and staff advisors based on:

• Scientific or clinical merit of the proposal
• Suitability of the chosen database for addressing the proposal. (See study details and database contents file for reference.)
• Originality, the research topic should not duplicate past or current research
• Availability of time and resources of research staff

Investigators are notified via email after applications are reviewed.

Data Usage and Requests

The investigator must complete:

• The data use agreement form
• The data request form for oncology studies


Additional help for investigators and authors

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Vickers AJ, Sjoberg DD. Guidelines for reporting of statistics in European Urology. Eur Urol. 2015 Feb;67(2):181-7. Epub 2014 Jul 15. PMID: 25037638

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