UReTER Mentor Match

Resident/Fellow Mentorship

This mentorship model focuses more in guiding medical students on their SAU-AUA Match journey. 

Each interested medical student shall choose to be match with (1) one available resident/fellow mentor from our roster.
Medical students can learn more about the volunteer mentors from the roster. 
The matching process is on a first come, first serve basis.

UReTER Mentor Expectations

All UReTER Mentors are expected to:

- Initiate contact within one week of receiving mentee match information.

- Meet with mentee at least two times a month via Zoom, phone, socially distanced masked walk, etc. 

Sign up to be a Mentor for our 2023-24 cohort by clicking here.


Excellent Mentorship Strategies:

- Answer any application questions that mentees may have (ERAS, AUA match, interviewing)

- Offer to reach out to your Urology connections across the country on mentee’s behalf based on their geographical areas and institutions of interest

- Offer to proofread personal statements and share your own

- Share insight from your sub-internship experiences

- Practice interviewing over Zoom

- Share how you navigated the complicated process of choosing your rank list

- Career track guidance in the field 


SAU-AUA Match Policy

In accordance with the SAU-AUA Match Policy, resident/ fellow mentors may not tell applicants how they will be ranked in their respective programs. In addition, SAU prohibits all communication with any member of a program (students/residents/faculty/admins/etc.) after the interview. In order to avoid any match violations, communication between mentors and medical students must stop once a student has their first interview. In order to align with these match rules, we recommend that mentors be proactive with advising earlier on in the application cycle.

See this link for more details: https://sauweb.org/match-program/resident-match-process.aspx

Please email Karen Tabayoyong at [email protected] for any questions or concerns about the UReTER Mentorship Program.