Itunu O. Arojo, MD

    Case Western Reserve-University Hospitals, Urology Resident, PGY5
    Medical School:  University of Texas Medical Branch
    Urology Subspecialty Interest(s): General Urology
    Hobbies: Cooking and Electronic repairs
    Hometown: Houston, TX


     Karishma Gupta, MD

     Case Western Reserve-University Hospitals Urology Resident, PGY4
     Medical School: Case Western Reserve University
     Urology Subspecialty Interest(s): General Urology
     Hobbies: Writing, Record collecting, Traveling (pre-Covid), My dog Snickers
     Hometown: Cleveland, OH


     Danly Omil-Lima, MD

     Case Western Reserve-University Hospitals Urology Resident, PGY4
     Medical School: Brown University
     Urology Subspecialty Interest(s): General Urology, Oncology
     Hobbies: Salsa dancing
     Hometown: Miami, FL


     Kim Tay, MD

     Case Western Reserve-University Hospitals Urology Resident, PGY2
     Medical School: University of Arizona College of Medicine, Phoenix
     Urology Subspecialty Interest(s): Endourolgy, General Urology, Oncology
     Hobbies: Walking my dog, Working out, Baking, Yoga, Eating
     Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ