Children (Pediatric Urology)

Children (Pediatric Urology)

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Who are we?

Our pediatric urology team specializes in sensitive, expert treatment of genital and urologic conditions in children, ranging from bed-wetting to complex birth defects. Our faculty maintains an active research program that allows us to continuously refine the treatment options we offer to children and families.

UCSF's surgical team personally performs any necessary radiological and urodynamic procedures for the evaluation of patients with bladder dysfunction, urinary tract infections, hydronephrosis and incontinence. Urodynamic studies are performed simultaneously with any radiographic studies, obviating the need for a second catheterization in young patients. In addition, UCSF's renowned ultrasonography section frequently is able to diagnose abnormalities that are missed or misinterpreted at other institutions.

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Children News & Highlights

In a recent article in Annals of Internal Medication, UCSF Urology’s Hillary Copp, MD, MS et al, revealed that fewer than half of California pharmacies provided disposal instructions to patients,...
Not everyone might cheerfully welcome trading a 5,500 sq. ft. house on two acres for a modest condo near Mission Bay. But Dr. Raj Pruthi sees the bright side even in the formidable Bay Area housing...
Hillary Copp, MD, MS and Lindsay Hampson, MD, MAS, along with other UCSF patients and caregivers, participated in Spina Bifida Association’s Walk and Roll held in Walnut Creek this month.  The team...
UCSF.EDU Covered UCSF Urology's Ben Breyer, MD, MAS and his study on how patients are increasingly resorting to crowdfunding websites to pay medical bills.  Click here for the full story.
Talmadge E. King, Jr., MD, Dean, UCSF School of Medicine announced earlier today that Raj Pruthi, MD, MHA, FACS has been named the new chair for UCSF Department of Urology effective January 1, 2020...
In urology, there are many conditions diagnosed in infancy and childhood that require lifelong care, which means that patients must ultimately make a transition from pediatric to adult care as they...
Welcome AUA 2018 to our great city.  Hope you have an opportunity to read through the AUA Daily News article written by UCSF pediatric urologist, Hillary Copp, MD, MS on what to see and do while in...