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UCSF Urology has internationally recognized expertise in the care of urologic cancers. We offer the most current diagnostic tools, surgical, radiation chemotherapy and hormonal treatments as required, and thorough follow-up to maximize quality of life after treatment.

Our program is also a leader in cancer risk assessment. Discussions of each individual’s risk for cancer and of ways to help prevent the disease–such as changes in diet and exercise, or genetic counseling–are incorporated into our care plan.  Additionally, UCSF Urology is on the forefront of genetic testing for risk assessment.  

UCSF is committed to protecting fertility for boys and adults facing treatment that may affect their ability to become fathers. The UCSF Male Fertility Preservation Program strives to help all men and boys achieve fatherhood after completing their treatment by combining cutting edge research with innovations in clinical care.

 For full information regarding the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center -- including clinical trials -- click here.

Cancer News & Highlights

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