140.01: ADVANCED INPATIENT - Alan W. Shindel, MD, MAS

Tier 1B. This rotation is an advance clerkship in Urology that is based at the main UCSF- Moffit Hospital at the Parnassus Campus and the Bakar Cancer Center at the Mission Bay Campus. The "flagship" hospital rotation offers the student exposure to the entire palate of urology, including oncology, pediatric urology, stone disease, erectile dysfunction, pelvic reconstruction and voiding dysfunction. Students act as an intern on the Service, and are actively involved in ward care, operative room procedures and outpatient clinics. Attending rounds, weekly seminars with residents and staff are integral part of this rotation. This clerkship provides an intensive exposure to the specialty and exposure to all the staff in the department of Urology. There is also opportunity to rotate to the VA Medical Center and SF General Hospital for exposure to urologic practice at those sites.

Course Objectives:

1.  To understand the natural history, diagnosis and treatment of common urologic disorders, including both malignant and  benign conditions.

2.  To augment current understanding of abdominal, retroperitoneal, pelvic, scrotal and penile anatomy by participation in urologic operative procedures.

3.  To appreciate and begin to acquire the fundamental surgical skillset that urology offers, including learning laparoscopic, endoscopic and open incisional techniques. 


Common Problems/Diseases: Bakar Cancer hospital manages a wide variety of simple and complex urologic disorders ranging from acute and chronic urinary tract obstruction, nephrolithiasis, all types of urologic cancers, male and female pelvic reconstruction, male infertility, and erectile dysfunction. It is replete with an incredible array of urologic endoscopic procedures for benign and malignant diseases. 

Recommended Text or Reading: Smith' General Urology. Edited by Emil Tanagho and Jack W. McAninch.  Lange Medical Books/McGraw Hill.  

Patient Contact Hour Number (hours per week):  60-80

Classroom Time (hours): 10

Outside Study (hours): 10 

Call Schedule/Weekends: Variable. One required weekend call. 

Grading: Pass/Fail/Honors 

Prerequisites: Surgery 110 

Quarters Taught: Su, Fa, Wi, Sp

Location: Parnassus and Mission Bay

Minimum Weeks Offered: 4

Maximum Students per Block: 4

Katherine Jung
[email protected]

Clerkship Director:
Alan W. Shindel, MD, MAS
[email protected]


Please note that a criminal background check from your school (as indicated on the VSAS application) is a requirement of the University of California. If your school does not require one, please do this on your own, have it forwarded to your school coordinator and ask them to change the answer to “yes” on page 2 of your VSAS application regarding background check. Please do not send the background check to UCSF. 

All applicants MUST use the UCSF immunization form. If you wish to upload additional documents in VSAS, (i.e., chest x-ray results for PPD positive applicants) please feel free to do so.

A current CV, letter of recommendation, and USMLE Step 1 score is also required to complete your packet – please upload through VSAS.