150.01: RESEARCH


150.01: RESEARCH - Kirsten Greene, M.D., M.S.

There is abundant clinical and basis science research opportunity within the Department in all areas of urology. Clinical databases abound within the department, offering ample opportunity for students to ask, research and answer questions and advance the frontier of urologic disease. After assessing the student's interests and talents, they will be assigned to a Faculty Mentor within the department, with whom the research will be conducted. There is no stipend for students on this rotation, however necessary research supplies will be provided by the Department. This is a wonderful opportunity to think and interact with a productive faculty and contribute to the urologic literature.

Course Objectives: 1. Understand the process of how a simple question turns into a productive research project, guided by the principles of evidence-based, scientific medicine. 2. Participate in the research process including the development of study aims, design, execution and collection of data, analysis and reporting.

Common Problems/Diseases: Research projects range from oncology surgical and epidemiological outcomes to the analysis of pregnancies with high-tech infertility procedures.

Recommended Text or Reading: General Urologic reading should precede in-depth analysis of any specific research area. We recommend Smith's General Urology, 16th edition. Lange Medical Books, 2003.

Team Composition: Students are assigned to individual faculty members with whom they work closely during the rotation.

Outside Study (hours): 10

Call Schedule/Weekends: There is no call for this rotation.

Grading: Pass/Fail/Honors

Prerequisites: UCSF students only.

Quarters Taught: Su, Fa, Wi, Sp

Location: Taught at various locations

Minimum Weeks Offered: 4

Maximum Students per Block: 1

Contact Name: Katherine Jung

Contact Phone: 415.885.7748

Location to report to: 550 16th Street, 6th Floor

Comments: REQUIRED: submit Approval for Research Block Elective form at least 4 weeks before the start of the research, http://meded.ucsf.edu/ume/research-elective-approval-forms.  Get your PI and the department's signature -- return to the Office of Curricular Affairs who will then obtain the final two signatures.