Shree Agrawal, MD

    Cleveland Clinic, Urology Resident, PGY2
    Medical School: Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
    Urology Subspecialty Interest(s): Gender-Affirming Surgery, Oncology, Trauma/Reconstruction
    Hobbies: Blogging, Working out at Orangtheory, Cooking/Baking,  Exploring new food spots
    Hometown: Edison, NJ


    Molly DeWitt-Foy, MD

    Cleveland Clinic, Urology Resident, PGY6
    Medical School: UCSF
    Urology Subspecialty Interest(s): Trauma/Reconstruction
    Hobbies: Running, Breweries (in pre-COVID times), Hanging out with my very awesome
    11 month old daughter and my also awesome husband
    Hometown: Brooklyn, NJ


    Michele "Mike" Fascelli, MD

    Cleveland Clinic, Urology Resident, PGY5
    Medical School: Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia
    Urology Subspecialty Interest(s): Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery,
    Gender-Affirming Surgery, Trauma/Reconstruction
    Hobbies: Baking, Reading, Video Games, Tennis
    Hometown: Seaford, DE


     Eiftu Haile, MD

    Cleveland Clinic, Urology Resident, PGY1
    Medical School: Rush Medical College
    Urology Subspecialty Interest(s): Oncology
    Hobbies: Volleyball, hiking/nature walks, exploring restaurants in my new city!
    Hometown: Chicago, IL